How the garden industry affects environmental elements

For a long time now, we’ve suspected that there may be some negative effects from the industrialisation of the gardening industry, alongside the popularity of using chemicals and other wildlife deterrents to help crops to grow fully without spoilage.

We have been conducting research into this issue across a number of different sectors and countries (including the United Kingdom, USA, India, and Canada) to determine whether or not the local environment is on a downward trend, or if it’s simply the natural rises and falls of a working ecosystem.

We looked into many factors, including:

  • artificial watering systems
  • The use of pesticides
  • The use of crop rotation
  • Genetically modified plants
  • Artificial pollination techniques
  • Insect deterrents
  • Wildlife deterrents

We will be releasing our findings early in 2018.

You can find some more useful information in the resources below:

Larry Hutchinson

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